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Worldview training

Check out the Nehemiah Institute.

"Worldview training for all the World "........ Psalm 50:12

Here are some links of interest on their site.

These Internet links access sites that may be of interest to you.
Mini PEERS TestA 20-question test to identify your conservative or liberal views in Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, & Social Issues (PEERS). Results will be mailed within 3-5 days.
Center for Cultural LeadershipIt has been said, "Some people have something to say, others have to say something." Andrew Sandlin, President of Center for Cultural Leadership (CCL), is one of the few who truly has "something to say." Here you will find many excellent and needed articles for our time. Pastors, Christian educators and writers and all other "thinking Christians" will benefit greatly from Andrew's insights.
Chalcedon FoundationThis is a conservative Christian organization founded on the work of Dr. R.J. Rushdoony. We believe their publication, the Chalcedon Report, is one of the best Christian publications available today.
Exodus MandateThis ministry focuses on the serious problems of public/government schools. Their excellent video, "Let My Children Go," makes the case that government-run education is neither biblical nor constitutional.
Bartlett UniversityBartlett University exists to implement Biblical patriarchy in higher education toward sustaining multigenerational faithfulness to God (Psalm 78:6-7). This return to the godly old paths in an ungodly and technical new world order begins with the privatization of Christian teacher activity within a fellowship dedicated to implementing the Biblical worldview in higher education pedagogy and content (Jeremiah 6:16). Also available here is an excellent Biblical worldview board game called 'Progeny.' Great fun and very educational, for ages 4 to 94!
ClassicalFree AcademyPatterned after Dorothy Sayers' "Lost Tools of Learning", ClassicalFree Academy is dedicated to replacing the "cultural elite" of the West with a generation of Christian students thoroughly armed with a Biblical worldview and trained in the ancient Trivium: Grammar, Dialectic and Rhetoric. ClassicalFree graduates are well equipped and highly motivated to assume positions of leadership in their chosen vocations. These young people are highly trained "ambassadors for Christ" because every aspect of their education is saturated with the Word of God. In this fashion, we contribute directly to Christ's Great Commission to "disciple the nations" (Mt. 28:19,20). The wonderful thing about ClassicalFree Virtual Academy on the internet is that students from virtually every economic strata may aspire to such an education.
Christian WorldviewChristian Worldview is a comprehensive and highly useful website. The author is Israel Wayne, noted Christian leader in America. Israel has said it well, "Everyone has a worldview. Whether or not we realize it, we all have certain presuppositions and biases that affect the way we view all of life and reality. The purpose of our ministry is equip people to think and live with a consistent and cohesive worldview." I recommend that you spend some time on this website.
American VisionAmerican Vision is a Christian education ministry providing education materials and information to assist individuals, families and churches develop a practical and dynamic biblical worldview. Since the belief and actions of individuals will affect the future of a nation, as lives are changed, our society will change. Many books are available and the magazine, Biblical Worldview, has been published monthly for nearly twenty years.
Basileia International Basileia International is a catalyst for accelerating kingdom transformation.Kingdom transformation is the ever-increasing rule of Jesus Christ through individuals and nations who voluntarily apply and keep His every word in all areas of thought and life until He comes. We are an alliance of kingdom catalysts who learn and work together for accelerating kingdom transformation, first in our own local churches, organizations and cities, then nationally and globally in cooperation with other kingdom catalysts, especially from among least evangelized peoples. We dare to imagine what the world can be because of Christ and then work with Him to make it so.
Mission to Restore AmericaThe purpose of Mission to Restore America is, with God's help, to do all in its power to rebuild Christian civilization in America. We believe the Scriptures teach the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all things. He is to be worshiped as King and Sovereign over every field of inquiry and action men pursue in this world and the next. We seek to establish in both doctrine and practice the crown rights of Christ in American society.
Plymouth Rock FoundationHere is a great site for restoring what we've forgotten about America's Christian heritage. Dr. George Grant, Litt., Ph.D., said about this organization: "Over the past several years a number of fine educational institutions have arisen in America aimed at reminded us of our great Christian heritage and spurring us toward its much-needed recovery. But of all these one stands head and shoulders above the rest- Plymouth Rock Foundation."
Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE)A very valuable Christian education website. FACE developed the Principle Approach, America's historic method of reasoning with the Truths of God's Word, and promotes it through The Noah Plan. Based on results of our PEERS Testing program, students from Principle Approach schools are substantially better educated in understanding and applying biblical principles to life. We highly recommend this program.
Coalition on Revival (COR)This site provides several papers on a wide variety of topics, calling the church back to full obedience to scripture for all of life. The papers are written by scholars from all walks of Christiandom, who share the conviction that the Bible is innerant and authoritative.
American Heritage PartyA political party the way the founders meant it to be, only stronger. If you are a serious-minded Christian seeking Biblical solutions to our nation's woes, this site will provide you with the information and tools for right government.
Institution for Creation Research (ICR)Another very good ministry promoting a literal interpretation of scripture regarding creation. Many excellent resources for home and school use.
"Train up a Child" by Fred Carpenter, SDHere is an outstanding article on the Biblical philosophy of education. I recommend giving a copy of this to your pastor and friends who have concerns about the education of their children. "I
A unique expose' on economics using "How the pencil
is made" to promote free-market principles. Great for teaching
children bible-based principles of economics.-->
Homeschool DigestHere's the best in homeschool information! Christian
This is an excellent resource for biblical studies.
Very helpful for students doing papers on social issues from a
Christian perspective. -->
Christian AnswersVery exhaustive site for Christian studies; many links to other good Christian sites.
Leadership UHelpful chart showing what various world religions believe about God, man, salvation, sin, etc.
Art of the CovenantGreat site for Christian works such as art, videos, music, tee shirts, etc.
Christian Books (CBD)Excellent resource for Christian literature. Always check here before buying any other place!
Summit MinistriesThis is a wonderful ministry providing Christian worldview training to youth in summer camps (2 weeks in length). Their flagship publication, Understanding the Times (UTT) is excellent. Many youth have been put "on the right track" through this ministry.
Christian Education CenterThis site offers many excellent Christian education resources. Be sure to check out the free curriculum download for 6th graders on creationism, including classes and quizzes.
The Constitution PartyA biblical alternative to traditional politics.
MovieGuideThis is Dr. Ted Baehr's site, president of Christian Film & TV. You can obtain a very good review of movies as well as other good information related to the entertainment industry.
Answers in GenesisAnswers in Genesis is upholding the accuracy and authority of the Bible from its very first verse. Led by internationally known speaker and author Ken Ham, AiG conducts large seminars on Genesis, produces a daily radio program "Answers," prints the full-color magazine "Creation," and will soon build a large creation museum near Cincinnati.
Christian Education Awarness Network (CEANet)An excellent educational site- good articles, resources, and news. .
MediaWise FamilyThis is another site from Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of Movie Guide. You will find many excellent articles and announcements relating to the Christian impact in the entertainment industry.
Think Again! WorkshopThis highly interactive, one-day workshop takes a fresh look at the assumptions that form the time-tested compass of a biblical worldview, and then assists people in knowing how to apply this compelling worldview to their interpersonal relationships, their professions, and their daily lives.
Christian InternetVery helpful site on bringing Christianity and the Internet together (business needs, computers, safe surfing, news, church needs)- check it out!
Teen PactTeenPact and TeenyPact's major objective is to break down the intimidation that many have about involvement in our civil government.

Southern Baptist Battle for Christian Education Moves to the States

Pinckney-Shortt Christian Education Resolution Inspires Resolutions in at Least 10 Conventions Covering 15 States
ALEXANDRIA, VA. - When T.C. Pinckney, retired brigadier general and prominent Southern Baptist leader, and Bruce N. Shortt, a Houston, TX attorney and home school father of three children, first joined forces to ask the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to consider a resolution urging Southern Baptist parents to pull their children out of public schools and provide them with a Christian Education, they didn't foresee that their effort would inspire Baptist leaders in at least 10 conventions to introduce similar resolutions in the SBC's state and regional conventions this October and November.
more.... Southern Baptist Battle for Christian Education Moves to the States "Giving Exodus a New Meaning" By Cal Thomas (6/14/04)
WORLD Magazine: "Public Divide: Southern Baptists are about to take up a crucial debate over Christian children and state schools" By Joel Belz and the Editors, (6/5/04)
Education Week: "Vote Sought on Public School 'Exodus'" By Mary Ann Zehr, (5/26/04)
Wall Street Journal: "There's No Place Like Home - The Secular Case for Home-schooling" by Diana West, (5/21/04)
Washington Times: "Southern Baptists Eye Exiting Public Schools" By Julia Duin (5/12/04)
The Boston Globe: "Making the Case for Parochial Schools" By Jeff Jacoby (5/9/04)
World Net Daily: "Baptist Activists: Pull kids out of school - Resolution urges members to reject government education" By Ron Strom (5/4/04)
Ron Strom, "Christian-education push goes to states Baptist resolutions urge members to pull kids from

Sunday, December 26, 2004

HSLDA | Home School Legal Defense Association: Homeschooling in freedom.

HSLDA | Home School Legal Defense Association: Homeschooling in freedom.

Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

HSLDA advocates on the legal front by fully representing member families at every stage of proceedings. Each year, thousands of member families receive legal consultation by letter and phone, hundreds more are represented through negotiations with local officials, and dozens are represented in court proceedings. HSLDA also takes the offensive, filing actions to protect members against government intrusion and to establish legal precedent. On occasion, HSLDA will handle precedent-setting cases for nonmembers, as well.

HSLDA advocates on Capitol Hill by tracking federal legislation that affects homeschooling and parental rights. HSLDA works to defeat or amend harmful bills, but also works proactively, introducing legislation to protect and preserve family freedoms.

HSLDA advocates in state legislatures, at the invitation of state homeschool organizations, by assisting individual states in drafting language to improve their homeschool legal environment and to fight harmful legislation.

HSLDA advocates in the media by presenting articulate and knowledgeable spokesmen to the press on the subject of homeschooling. HSLDA staff members are regularly called upon for radio, television, and print interviews, and their writings are frequently published in newspapers and magazines across the country. HSLDA’s own bimonthly magazine, The Home School Court Report, provides news and commentary on a host of current issues affecting homeschoolers. And its two-minute daily radio broadcast, Home School Heartbeat, can be heard on nearly 500 radio stations.

HSLDA advocates for the movement by commissioning and presenting quality research on the progress of homeschooling. Whether it’s in print, from the podium, or on the air, HSLDA provides insightful vision and leadership for the cause of homeschooling.

Home School Legal Defense Association . . . tens of thousands of American families working through more than 50 dedicated staff members to preserve each other’s right to homeschool . . . together, “Advocates for Family & Freedom.”


NHERI: "Whether called homeschooling, home schooling, home-based education, home education, home-schooling, unschooling, deschooling, or a form of alternative education, the movement is growing and the National Home Education Research Institute is tracking and analyzing it, internationally. NHERI's forte is in the realm of research, statistics, technical reports, data, facts, demographics, the academic world, consulting, academic achievement tests, and expert witness (in courts and legislatures) while serving people ranging from researchers and policy makers to professional educators, teachers, homeschoolers (home schoolers), and parents in general to the media, marketing consultants, and the general public."

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study: "The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS, formerly known as the Third International Mathematics and Science Study) provides reliable and timely data on the mathematics and science achievement of U.S. students compared to that of students in other countries. Offered in 1995, 1999, and 2003, TIMSS provides trend data on students' mathematics and science achievement from an international perspective. "

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ending Public School Violence (February 2002)

Ending Public School Violence (February 2002)

Classical Christian Online Distance Education: Classical Free Virtual Academy

Classical Christian Online Distance Education: Classical Free Virtual Academy